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Please use this documentation as you see fit. A best effort has been made to provide this info accurately.


Contest Wide Errata

  1. Language Definitions
  2. Judge info 1
  3. Contest Areas
  4. Public Information
  5. Judge info 2
  6. Problem Input Output

Language Definitions

The following 5 language definitions are available

  1. gcc (GNU C)
  2. g++ (GNU C++)
  3. Sun Java 1.4.2
  4. Sun Java
  5. Sun Java

C/C++ use mostly standard PC^2 language definitions. Because of the need to change PATH and CLASSPATH for Java, the three Java choices have wrapper scipts. Here is the source code for the script javaexec:

# $1 is the java verson
# $2 is mainfile (full name)

/usr/local/bin/setupJava -jdk ${1}
javac ${2}

Judge Info 1

In the morning practice, programs that crashed after providing the correct answer were judges correct. In the real contest, a crash even with correct output will be judged run-time error.

Contest Area

Remember - only competing individuals and runners in contest area during real contest. No coaches. Site directors can allow photographers. No verbal interviews during contest of teams.

Public Information

Copies of all information provided to teams during contest can be seen at: doc.
Current scoreboard is at: scoreboard

Judge Info 2

  1. Whitespace differences within a line or at the end of input are not counted against a team unless:
    1. It is integral to the problem
    2. It is obviously the result of a team being snarky
  2. Misspellings and capitalization mistakes will be treated similarly.
  3. Judgments we will use:
    Yessubmission acceptedN/A
    NoCompilation Errorany error that prevents successful compilation (i.e., cannot run submission)
    NoRun-time Errorsolution exited with abnormal status
    NoTime-limit Exceededthe run time for the solution exceeded the designated maximum
    NoWrong Answereverything else

Other judgment types will not be rendered.

Problem Input Output

All programs will read from standard input and write to standard output. i.e. a program would be run at the command line like this: ./a.out < infile.txt

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ACU Errata

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Baylor Errata

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ECU Errata

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LSU Errata

If during the contest, you get a popup error complaining about an application by the name of eggcups, just hit "restart application" and ignore the error.

We installed a standard Eclipse release instead of the Fedora specific version. Recent changes in Eclipse require use of some libraries not in Fedora Core 5. So, you can not print directly from Eclipse. Please open your file in another editor to print.

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UTA Errata

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