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Jabber Server

This year, we will be running a central Jabber instant messaging server in order to help all of the sites stay in communication both before and during the contest. This page should help you setup your Jabber client so that you can connect to the contest Jabber server.

Some details, such as username and password, will be communicated with each individual who is on the [Acm2006-sites] mailing list. If you know of other people who also need access to the Jabber server, please contact Isaac Traxler (

Although there are many available Jabber clients and most should work fine, we recommend the use of Gaim on Windows and Linux, and Adium on Mac OS X. Also, when you first login, your contact list (roster) should already contain all of the other contacts for the SCUSA contest.

General Settings

  • Jabber ID (JID):

    This is the name that others will use to contact you. This is roughly the equivalent of an email address or an AIM Screen Name. Some clients, such as Gaim, may ask for this in 2 separate pieces.

  • Connection settings:

    This is the actual server and port that your client will connect to. You may have to first select "manual connection settings" or similar in order to provide this. It may also be called the "connect server". Also see below for note on SSL port.

  • Security: Use TLS encryption

    Some clients (such as PSI or iChat AV) do not support TLS, and must be told to use the older SSL protocol on an alternate port (5223). Most clients, however, work fine with the newer TLS option.

Client-Specific Walkthroughs

Gaim (Windows, Linux)

Gaim is available for free download from, and is frequently installed by default on many Linux distribututions.

Upon initially starting Gaim, you will be prompted to add a new account.
  1. For "Protocol", select "Jabber".
  2. For "Screen Name", enter the first portion of your Jabber ID, which is simply your username.
  3. For "Server", enter the last portion of your Jabber ID, which is "".
  4. Click on "Show more options"
  5. Make sure that "Use TLS if available" is checked.
  6. Make sure that "Port" is set to 5222.
  7. For "Connect server", enter ""
  8. Click "Save"
  9. In the "Accounts" window, click on the checkbox in the "Online" column for the "" account in order to sign on.

Adium (Mac OS X)

Adium is available for free download from Upon initially starting Adium, you will be taken to the "Accounts" pane of the preferences window.
  1. Click on the plus icon in the lower left, then on "Jabber".
  2. For "Jabber ID", enter "".
  3. Click on the "Options" tab.
  4. For "Connect Server", enter ""
  5. Make sure that "Port" is set to 5222.
  6. Check the "Use TLS encryption" checkbox.
  7. Click "OK", and Adium should connect to the server.
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